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Guard Gnomes

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Greatsword Warrior
Great Axe Warrior
Buckler Warrior
Spear Warrior
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  • HIGH QUALITY - Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin, our garden gnome's "exposed areas" are topped with UV resistant, full color paint
  • DESIGNED  GNOME - Exclusive to the brand, this cute nome squatting statue makes a perfect gift for home, lawn or garden

  • HEROIC WARRIOR - Raise your weapon to charge the enemy and defeat every garden invader

  • PERFECT DETAIL PROCESSING - please pay attention to their eyes, only if each product is hand-painted by a craftsman can it be so realistic

Each piece is individually hand-painted by our artisans

This product is handmade, in order to ensure their quality, we will only start making it after you place an order, so please give us a little more time.

The height of this product is 7 inches, we also want to increase its height, but we have no choice, our factory is in India, so the logistics is very expensive.

Since resin products are easy to break, we need to customize large protective packaging. This kind of packaging is not expensive in India, but it will increase the size of the packaging. We need to pay extra for the logistics company to ship it to you.If you have a better solution, please contact us support@completedglee.com